Customer-Oriented Campaigns

We run an audience-driven Google Ads campaign to generate instant attraction as well as sales. We help people gain huge traffic by paid ad solutions on both search engines and social media platforms. Pay Per Click Marketing is also sometimes referred to as Cost Per Click marketing. Pay Per Click Advertising Brampton helps you track click and call to your website. We offer multi-channel ad campaigns such as Google Text Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.

Our campaign experts know how to maximize conversions with the minimum investments. Be it your Google Shopping Campaign, a display ad, a local ad, or an Instream ad, we are here to help you reach your potential customer through our customer-oriented research. Get in touch today to run a campaign within a specified budget.

We adopt a targeted keyword theme as well as a call to action button. The text ads feature text and text links to promote a business or a brand. We make sure the Ad works perfectly fine on both desktop and mobile.
These types of Ads utilize Google product feed and include product titles, images, and prices. PLAs usually have more click-through rate than standard text ads. Also, these ads can be run on various other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
In it, the image contains featured information regarding your product, business, or services. We can help you run and have complete control of your Display Network Campaign. Get in touch with us for some designated action.
PPC Services

Our Service Cycle

Our first step is to understand your business and targeted audience. We research the existing audience as well as the potential audience for your campaign thoroughly. Every Ad run carries its specific purpose and goal. We look for the right type of campaign as per your business requirements.
We make sure the campaign set up by us lays a strong foundation for your future. Be it a search ad campaign or an eCommerce campaign, we are best known to target the most valuable leads and enhance your cross-platform visibility.
Running Ads might seem easy but fetching results out of it is the real job. You need an experienced and dedicated professional to bring out desired results.
After managing and set up an ad campaign, it becomes necessary to monitor the performance to take good care of your invested money. Web Viral analyzes data and performance based on earlier records, we also take care of time optimization, keyword requirements, and whatnot.
It remains our duty to update you on performance metrics every month. We keep sending you the reports and improvements without a single ask. Moreover, we work with complete transparency and provide you instant access to your campaign to review for your comfort.