Content Marketing

Web Viral will use the approach of making the maxim of your products. Our strategy involves research and ideation, content creation, and distribution of videos and graphics. We will make you the go-to source of information and keep you ahead of others. Our goal is to create useful content for the audience. Four forms of content we offer:

  • Texts
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images

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  • We determine who your customer is through thorough research.
  • We figure out their requirements by walking through an imaginary customer journey.
  • We use artistic word flow to capture their interests by adding unique content.
  • We build audience as if you earned it. Implicate strategies to build relationships with customers.
A System that Works: A Streamlined & Integrated System

Web Viral's Content Creation Process

The content marketing agency in Brampton recognizes that SEO content creation requires close collaboration with the client and the content marketing specialist. We know how to target search engines, but you are the best person to know your customers. Therefore, we encourage you to get involved in writing your SEO content.
Here is a brief overview of the web content creation process.

1. Consultation with the Client
You will have a dedicated content strategist who you can contact regularly to provide instructions, check on the development of your content marketing strategy, ask questions, and request any changes to your SEO content. Let us know who your ideal customer is and what they want to feel about your site before we start to read the content. We can even create personas for your targeted clients.

2. SEO Keyword Research and Market Analysis
After our content marketing specialist has identified the SEO content marketing issues and expectations, we move on to market analysis. The content writer collaborates closely with SEO specialists to conduct thorough keyword research and analyze SEO keywords. This will help you build your SEO keyword strategy. To create a solid foundation for your digital content strategy, we also do industry analysis, competitor benchmarking, and content analysis.

3. SEO Content Strategy Development
To create your content plan, our content writing agency will use the SEO keyword analysis report as well as market research results. Our content writer collaborates with digital marketing experts to develop a brief for your website, identify the primary, second, and tertiary keywords, and set a clear direction for developing your website content.

4. In-Depth Research Process
The next step after completing the content strategy plan is content marketing research. This is crucial to guide our content writer’s content creation process. It also ensures that we are clear about your requirements and needs for SEO content writing. Your website content writer will conduct high-level research on the topic and consult with experts to help you convey your brand message to your target audience.

5. Web Content Writing
Your digital content marketing strategy starts with content writing. We maximize our time to create your website’s structure, fill out your bullet points, and complete all sections. The tone and phrasing for the online content you want your visitors to read can be chosen by you. Our content writer can create a style that suits your needs, whether it is lighthearted, formal, business-like, or casual.

6. SEO Content Optimization
Your dedicated website content writer will finalize the edit to ensure that the content is coherent between the online sections. Our content marketing agency in Brampton is made up of a team composed of SEO content writers and editors.They work hard to deliver the content you expect



All of it begins with getting your content strategized through research, journey mapping, channel selection, and project management. Putting the right strategy makes it generate leads, hence more sales.
Now, you are ready to get started with content creation. It majorly includes topic research, outlining, jotting down key points, and much more.
Quality content is not of much use if it is not optimized for desired marketing. Content has to be discoverable to the audience looking for detailed information.
It is imperative to ascertain that content reaches the intended audience effectively. This involves the process of promoting it to online audiences in multi-media formats through various channels.
Even if your content is visible and evergreen, Web Viral doesn’t want your content to get stale or die. We make sure to maintain search rankings over time.