Content Marketing

Web Viral will use the approach of making the maxim of your products. Our strategy involves research and ideation, content creation, and distribution of videos and graphics. We will make you the go-to source of information and keep you ahead of others. Our goal is to create useful content for the audience. Four forms of content we offer:

  • Texts
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images

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  • We determine who your customer is through thorough research.
  • We figure out their requirements by walking through an imaginary customer journey.
  • We use artistic word flow to capture their interests by adding unique content.
  • We build audience as if you earned it. Implicate strategies to build relationships with customers.


All of it begins with getting your content strategized through research, journey mapping, channel selection, and project management. Putting the right strategy makes it generate leads, hence more sales.
Now, you are ready to get started with content creation. It majorly includes topic research, outlining, jotting down key points, and much more.
Quality content is not of much use if it is not optimized for desired marketing. Content has to be discoverable to the audience looking for detailed information.
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Even if your content is visible and evergreen, Web Viral doesn’t want your content to get stale or die. We make sure to maintain search rankings over time.