2022 Landing Page Design Inspiration

2022 Landing Page Design Inspiration

Looking to design a landing page for your client’s business? There’s a lot to keep in mind before you kickstart your operation. In this blog, I will help you how to create a landing page that converts. To clear your thoughts out, I will demonstrate a few facts that should be considered while designing your landing page in 2022. You can always reach us for amazing Website Design in Brampton. Let’s get started.

  • Precise content.

Designing a landing page demands a clear balance across every element, including texts, white space, images, videos, etc.  It doesn’t mean you are providing less information to the audience, but helping them with the precise and sufficient information makes readers read the complete information. When a visitor drops by your website, he doesn’t like to be overwhelmed by the textual information. Isolating the most essential information right upfront is what every reader craves for. 

  • Simple UI

Websites with a clean and simple layout are always preferred by the audience looking to find their relevant piece of information. Leaving plenty of empty space makes your landing page look captivating. Too many sections such as the contact form and feedback segment unnecessarily suffocate your landing page.

  • Engaging Visuals

Your landing page expresses your values and your choice of colour, font, text, and graphics together construct a convertible landing page. Defining what you are delivering through your visuals makes visitors understand quickly and sparks an inch of interest in them.

  • Strong Call To Actions

Well, what’s the purpose of a landing page in the first place? To answer it appropriately, I would say “Conversions”. And to make conversions, we need a strong Call to Action (CTA). Every landing page must have 2-3 CTAs at least to answer.  They should be simple, attractive, and need to clearly communicate value. 

  • Enable Social Sharing

To curate an optimized landing page, you can plan to share social media accounts at the bottom left or right of your landing page.  However, this practice doesn’t pull out direct results but it helps in increasing the number of clicks. You can add your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts on your landing page’s header or footer.

Now, let me help you with some landing page design inspirations for 2022.

  • Signup landing page design

This type of landing page design is highly effective in capturing leads. When a visitor fills up the form, he automatically provides his email address that helps us pitch them further via email marketing.

  • Online store landing page design

You can design your digital store using an incredible online store landing page design and attract buyers. Display discounted items on top of the landing page will surely result in increased traffic along with sales.

  • Product landing page design

Under this landing page design, you can showcase your product using high-scale product images. Feature your products strategically if you are building a product-based website.

  • Event landing page design 

If you want a website that tells about the events you’re running, you definitely need an event landing page design.

And there’s always more to it when it comes to designing your homepage. Moreover, having an optimized web design brings favorable traffic to the site. You can also look for services like  Search Engine Optimization in Brampton to drive more leads and sales.